Northern California USSSA Scrip


The following rules and regulations govern the use of Northern California USSSA Scrip ("Scrip"):

  • Scrip may be redeemed only by the team that won it. All scrip numbers are recorded and will be checked upon redemption. Scrip redeemed by a team other than the team that won that scrip will not be honored. The team using such Scrip will be suspended and incur all bills.
  • Scrip may be accumulated during the year and may be redeemed for travel money at any time after the Northern California State tournament and before the World tournament.
  • Scrip may be accumulated and used to enter any Northern California USSSA slo-pitch softball tournament, including State and National.
  • Scrip is valid for one (1) year from date of issue.
  • Due to the newness of the Scrip program, Northern California USSSA reserves the right to make changes as the year progresses or even withdraw the Scrip program in its entirety, if necessary.
  • Scrip will not be replaced if lost.