Northern California USSSA

Men's B Players

Page last updated October 13, 2017
Effective January 1, 2018

* If an * appears after a player's name, that player is
not allowed to play below his designated ranking

The deadline for reclassification requests is March 1, 2017. 
Players may request reclassification for 2018 on October 1, 2017.

Players on this B list may not play below the C level.
Penalty:  One (1) year suspension from all USSSA league and tournament play
for both player and manager.


Player Name Team Name
Anderson, Rodee L&S Glass 2017
Benns, Anthony L&S Glass 2015
Espland, Tyler L&S Glass 2017
Falcone, Ben Cheap Suits 2017
Fong, Brian L&S Glass 2017
Garcia, Paul (PJ) WS Grove 2016
Garrett, Shane Combat 2013
Gonzalez, Issac Vivid 2-16 2016
Green, Jeremy L&S Glass 2017
Haley, Walter Prestige 2017
Hamilton, Beau L&S Glass 2017
Hamm, George L&S Glass 2017
Hill, Jason Miken 2016
Hollingsworth, Donald New Breed 2017
Imwalle, Matt L&S Glass 2017
Ivers, Barry L&S Glass 2015
Kelleher, Kris Classic 2016
Ledeit, Richard L&S Glass 2017
Ledeit, Ryan L&S Glass 2017
Nieto, Rego Classic 2015
Oxley, Brian L&S Glass 2017
Pack, Josh Desert Falls 2014
Patterson, Cole L&S Glass 2017
Paysinger, Kenneth Classic Glass 2014
Perchak, Johnny Cheap Suits 2017
Rauma, Mike L&S Glass 2017
Souza, Matt Classic Glass 2015
Tallent, Josh L&S Glass 2017
Vasquez, Benjamin L&S Glass 2017