Northern California USSSA

Men's C Players

Page last updated October 12, 2017
Effective January 1, 2018

If an * appears after a player's name, that player is
not allowed to play below his designated ranking.

The deadline for reclassification requests is March 1, 2017. 
Players may request reclassification for 2018 on October 1, 2017.

Players on this C list may not play below the D level.
Penalty:  One (1) year suspension from all USSSA league and tournament play for both player and manager.


Aguilera, Atanasio Cheap Suits 2017
Ahlwardt, Garrett Sunlight Supply 2017
Amaral, Justin Anarchy 2016
Ayala, John TAC/TWC 2014
Bagno, Anthony Team Kava 2017
Begley, Bradley Goodwood 2016
Bergmann, Kenny Cheap Suits  2016
Bernstein, Sammy First Class/Takeover 2014
Bible, Aaron Upper Cut 2017
Bigley, Ryan WC Grove 2016
Bishop, Kevin Upper Cut 2017
Boffinger, Adam California Grown 2016
Brannon, Jerry Talamo Foods 2016
Brisco, Anthony Goodwood 2016
Buck, Joel TAC/TWC 2016
Burkhart, Eric L&S Glass 2016
Carver, Casey Goodwood 2016
Casteneda, Julien Goodwood 2016
Colt, Ben Cheap Suits 2016
Cortes, Albert Talamo Foods 2016
Costa, Scotty Cheap Suits 2017
Davis, Jvance Cheap Suits D 2017
Denholm, Devon Cheap Suits C 2017
Dozal, Leroy WC Grove 2016
Engell, Brian TAC/TWC 2016
Esplindola, Rosey Goodwood 2016
Fairbanks, Brian Talamo Foods 2017
Fithian, Randy First Class/Takeover 2014
Fontaine, Danny Cheap Suits C 2017
Garibay, Ryan Upper Cut 2017
Garrett, Shane Combat 2013
Gori, Aaron Cheap Suits C 2017
Granado, Dustin Goodwood 2016
Guzman, Anthony L&S Glass 2015
Guzman, Eric Pony Tail Express 2017
Imwalle, Matt L&S Glass 2016
Joyner, Justin Goodwood 2016
Kelly, Clemente Cheap Suits 2016
Kelleher, Kris Cheap Suits C 2017
Klingele, Chris California Grown 2014
Learned, Rob L&S Glass 2015
Lemus, Tony Goodwood 2016
Long, Justin Diamond Cutters 2017
Lopez, Alexis Nor Cal Wreckers 2015
Lovelady, Craig Talamo Foods 2017
Mamuyac, Dax 4 The Fallen 2016
Marchand, Chad Cheap Suits 2016
Martinez, Roman Safe Security 2017
Martins, Steven Cheap Suits C 2017
Mata, Jessie  Cheap Suits D 2017
Moran, Brian WC Grove 2016
Namanny, Sean Tailgaters 2016
Oxley, James Dan Smith/Next Gen 2017
Pacheco, Mateo Cheap Suits C 2017
Payne, Bryson Goodwood 2016
Perchak, Johnny Cheap Suits C 2017
Perri, Kyle California Grown 2016
Polan, Brett Deep In the Box 2015
Rameriz, Emmanul WC Grove 2016
Ramirez, Jason Proven Management 2015
Rameriz, Rubin WC Grove 2016
Ramsdell, Zack Revolution 2017
Ramos, Steven Goodwood 2016
Reider, Chris TAC/TWC 2014
Robinson, Jushua Cheap Suits 2016
Rodriques, Joseph Cheap Suits 2016
Rutledge, Danny TAC/WC 2016
Ryan, Andrew Goodwood 2016
Santellano, Jason Goodwood 2016
Seaborn, Floyd 111 Cheap Suits 2016
Shaun, Mullen WC Grove 2016
Simpson, Anthony L&S Glass 2016
Sturzenacker, Mike Goodwood 2017
Swift, Brockton TAC/WC 2016
Swift, Marshall TAC/TWC 2016
Tall, Brian Cali Gold 2013
Taylor, Robert Cali Gold/Anarchy 2015
Taylor, Wes Cheap Suits C 2017
Thomas, Dan L&S Glass 2016
Turner, Charles L&S Glass 2016
Vasquez, Daniel Goodwood 2016
Vasquez, Lucio WC Grove 2016
Walker, Caine Goodwood 2016
Weaver, Shaun L&S Glass 2015
Wheeler, Jonathon Sonny's 2014
Winston, pettie What It Do 2017
Woodd, Anthony Cheap Suits D 2017
Zuniga, Jorge Team Faded 2013
Zuniga, Reno Cheap Suits 2016
Zuniga, Richard SDI Insulation 2106